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Anime Bases and Anime Pose Reference

An anime pose is a staple in anime, manga, and other forms of Japanese entertainment. Anime poses are used to convey emotions, create drama or even just animate the characters who inhabit these worlds. Anime base is what artists use as reference points for their anime poses.

Bases for anime poses can be anything. Do you want to show your main character fighting? Use a pose from an action manga or anime. Want the characters in your story to look cute and cuddly? Get some photos of children posing with their pets, parents hugging their kids, or animals doing silly things on the internet!

Anime bases are not just limited to people either. You can use pictures of animals, objects, or even food as anime poses!

Those are usually quick sketches with little or no fine detail so that they can be used quickly and easily by the artist when animating their characters. They are also often drawn in a pose where you see them from behind.

The whole idea of this site is for you to be able to quickly acquire and reference body pose templates so that you can get started. Please use any post on this site as a source. It’s all free. I go out and find the interesting postures, then I create the reference structures myself so you don’t have to bother.

This is a learning tool that you can use for free, but you must include an active link to https://animebases.info/ on your website if use our anime poses. Perhaps someone else could find some assistance with their postures. Let people know about it!

We’re here for you regardless of why you’re here. Should you be a novice to drawing anime and need assistance with making sure your limbs are in the correct spot, we’ll make sure they’re the correct length. Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran but can’t decide which posture to utilize, or perhaps you’re just lazy. That’s fine too!